stabilisation 1 - Cement Stabilisation

Cement Stabilisation

Cement stabilisation typically increases the pavement’s load bearing capacity and stiffness, and reduces its sensitivity to moisture. Resistance to rutting and other deformations is also improved. It can be used in the construction of new pavements and the rehabilitation of existing pavements.

Cement stabilisation is an ideal method to improve the properties of marginal materials so that they can be used instead of premium quality aggregates even in the highest stressed areas of a pavement. Both new aggregates and recycled aggregates in existing pavements can be stabilised.

ACO Waikato has explored some of the newer types of soil stabilisation technology, specifically looking for ‘effective and green' alternatives. One of the examples utilises new soil stabilisation technology, a process based on cross-linking polymers can replace traditional road/house construction methods in an environmentally friendly and effective way.