• 4 six wheeler trucks
  • Grader
  • 2 four wheelers
  • Digger
  • 2 bobcats with attachments
  • 2 rollers
  • 2 hot-mix pavers big and small
  • Hot bitumen gang sprayer

How we work


More services ...

  • New driveways
  • Renovating existing driveways
  • Sub-divisional vehicle crossing
  • Farm races and tanker tracks
  • Cattle underpasses
  • Traffic control
  • Traffic management plans


Maintenance is less expensive than complete removal and replacement. Anderson Contracting offers a full range of services using the highest quality materials for asphalt pavement preservation. We have solutions for large scale road projects, commercial and residential. With all of our experience and innovative products we can keep your asphalt in the best condition possible.

> Add structural strength to the existing surface

> Improve drainage in streets

> Re-establishes proper grade and smooth ride